Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baseball Unit~Days 3 & 4

Hi friends!
Welp, this week we had Kindergarten screenings! So, I had a sub for days 3 & 4. Luckily it was my most favorite sub that did my maternity leave-so, I didn't have any worries:) Here are some of the activities they did. ALL of these activities can be found in my Baseball Unit!!!

First they read this book from my unit:

My sub labeled the parts of a baseball (as discussed in the book) on this anchor chart:

If you own this unit, you know that there is a craftivity included where they create a baseball and label the parts.  Here it is:


But, we just didn't have the time to make that we did this instead. You can download it for FREEEEE!!! Just click on the picture!

I also found this quick little youtube video on how a baseball is made:

Next, they did an experiment on how high different kinds of ball would bounce! A baseball, tennisball and basket ball were dropped. They had to predict which one would bounce the highest.  Here's my wonderful sub dropping the balls:)

The strip hanging on the whiteboard with the different colors on it is what they used to "measure" the bounces.

Here is the response sheet. They had to predict which ball would bounce the highest. Then, they colored which each ball bounced to. Last, they wrote what they found out.

They also read some books over the course of those two days....

This book is about the All American Girl's professional baseball league of the 1940's! Yep, girls can play baseball too!!

Players in pigtails also talks about how the song "Take Me Out to The Ballgame" was actually written about a GIRL!!!!!!! Katie Casey!
So then, they took a look at this book-which comes with a CD of ALL of the original lyrics to the song about the GIRL!!! ;)

This book is about a girl who LOVES's all she wants to do!!! But, her Mom insists that she do ballet too!

And, last, this book is about a boy that LOVES ballet!!! Everyone gives him a hard time about being a dancer while all of the other boys play sports! But, when he gets put into a football game, his dance moves actually prove to make him an outstanding player!!! Maybe ballet is cool if your a boy! ;)

 After reading these books and discussing how it doesn't matter if your a boy or a can do or play or be whatever you want!! We made this writing craftivity:
Yep, my sub is good enough to trust with an Art project!!;) (I messed them up a bit-because when I was preparing the materials for her-I cut the cleats apart wrong...2 right feet together and 2 left feet, they are slightly different from the above picture...but still cute:)

AND....YES!!!! I even had a boy pick ballet!!!!!!

AND....we made these TOTALLY AWESOME Fredbird hats on Thursday to wear for our last baseball day on Friday!!!! I texted my good friend, Erin about drawing a fredbird hat! I used to work with Erin-She taught Kindergarten with me for one year...Now she teaches first at a different school. Anyway-She's an AWESOME artist!!!! We talked a little about what it should look like. BUT, what she came up with was soooooooo much more fabulous than I EVER imagined!!!!!!!!! Don't you LOVE them??? Erin is new to blogging and is offering them for FREEEEEEE!!!!!! Gotta love that!!! Click on the picture below to grab your FREE copy!!!!!!! Be sure to show her some love!!! Follow her blog/TPT store and leave her some comments!

If you're not a Cardinals Fan....Never fear!!! The download also includes this Super cute baseball hat for any baseball fan!;)
(Look!!! She has my baseball feet hanging in the background:)

I'm going to leave you with a Picture of Finn:) Here he is with his new diaper cover on!;) Ha!


  1. How fun is this post, Katie!! I just LOVE your little guy!!

    1. Well, Hi Annie!!! Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment!!! I've been "a little" out of the blogging loop with my rough pregnancy and now trying to juggle 3 little boys, work and blogging-but I'm definitely starting to get the hang of it! ;) It was so good to hear from you, friend!!

  2. I think this is just what I need for my sports crazy class! Thanks for sharing such clear ideas about what you do! Susan