Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Groundhog Fun!

 I know this is late...but that's how things seem to be going for me lately. Time is my enemy.....if only my body didn't require sleep!!!!!!.....oooooooh, the things I could accomplish!;) Oh, well...if you see something you like-you can always save the idea for next year...that's what Pinterest is for-right?!? ;)

Anyway- last week we learned all about groundhogs! Who knew they were such interesting little creatures?!?
Here is a little prediction craft that we made. They turned out pretty cute~right?

If you like these little guys-you can pick up the craft by clicking on the picture below. (Pin it?) This download comes with the patterns for the craft, 2 different writing options and everything you need to make a class graph....which I didn't get pics of-Dang it! ;(

We learned sooooo much about groundhogs!! Need some free resources on groundhog facts??? Kathleen at Growing Kinders has a FREE non-fiction book on groundhogs for you to download!!!! You will LOVE it!!!! Go grab a copy!!!!
I also got this link from on of her older posts! Such a GREAT youtube video about groundhog facts! Thanks for the links, Kathleen!!!

After learning so many facts about groundhogs-we made this can/have/are chart.

Then, we wrote some of our facts in our groundhog facts book;)

Have you seen this AWESOME little game about how shadows are made by bbc?!?! I stumbled across it last year when I was looking for things to do in the computer lab for groundhog week. If not, you MUST check it out!!!!!!!! The kiddos learned soooooo much from it about how shadows are made! We did it as a class through the projector so everyone could see it and I explained what was happening and why. FAB!

After we learned about how shadows were made-we experimented with groundhogs (on a stick) and flashlights to see if we could make shadows for them. See what happens when you move the light farther away?!? ;)

We also started poetry journals this week-which I'm really excited about! I got Deedee's February Poetry Pack and this Cute, cute little groundhog poem was in it! Perfect!!! Be sure to check out these poetry packs!! They're GREAT!!!

Speaking of Deedee!!!!!!!!!!!.....I had dinner with these lovely ladies last Thursday!!!!
Back row:
Kim Adsit from Kindergals, Deedee from Mrs Wills Kindergarten, Meredith from Keen on Kindergarten, Becky from Paint the Sky Green

Front row:
Me, Ashlie from Goodwill Something, and Chrissy from Read, Write, Sing

Ummmmmm.....yeah!! That's ME with Kim Adsit and Deedee Wills....two of my idols!!!!!!!! ;) So excited to finally meet Kim in "real life"!!!!


  1. We didn't get to do groundhog day this year, but your crafts came out amazing! :)


  2. I am pinning these for sure! They are soooo cute, I might actually be excited for groundhogs day next year! Thanks for sharing.

    Clearly Kindergarten

  3. You're groundhog activities turned out soooo cute!!! I'm going to have to check out the shadow website you found! That looks fantastic!

    And so jealous! I hope to meet you all one day!!! =) Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time!

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