Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My First Week Back in 2013!

Last week was my first week back to school since I had my Finny baby on September 27. Although the time FLEW by-3 months is a long time!!!!! I was a little nervous coming back! I was a little scared that it would be like starting the year all over again! Luckily I had an amazing sub and the BEST class ever this year!!!!!!!! Seriously! They are sooooo good!! It was pretty easy coming back!;)
Here are some pics of some of the New Year's fun that we had this week!
Here are a couple of quick pics we snapped from our photo booth!!! LOL! Just me and Mr. Hempen (an individual aide in my classroom:)

We had some Yummy "firecracker" drinks and made some sparkly top hats!

We graphed what time we went to bed on New Year's

We played a game where each student had to pop a balloon to find their sight word inside! They had sooooo much fun trying to pop their balloon.

They had to read the sight word from their balloon. We played kids against ME! I like to do it that way because then everyone wins (except me;) and everyone is happy!!!;)

Here's the score:

 We talked about what a New Year's toast was. Then, we made our own "toast"!!!! (The other kind:)

Here are a couple of the toasts that were written! I LOVE the second one!!!! LOL! "Here's to my dog. May he always bark at night." I bet this kiddo changes his mind when he gets a little older:)

And, at the end of the week-we made time capsules!! Students were asked to bring three things that reminded them of the past year that we could put inside the can. We also filled out this form and I added a school picture as well.   Don't open til NEXT New Year!!!
 This little girl brought her concert ticket from a Victoria Concert!! So cute!;)

Here are our the math centers that we did this week...sadly, for some reason I didn't get around to taking pics of our lit. centers:(

Students count on from the number on the hat to get the answer and complete the number sentence on their response sheet.

Here they read the number on the balloon and filled in the ten frames to match that number.

Students added two numbers together to see what the answer was. They then wrote the number sentence under the correct answer.

For this center Students wrote the number in the middle and figured out what number come before and after that number.

You can find all of these activities and centers plus more in my New Year's packets. I know-too late now....but you can always pin it for next year:)


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a fantastic first week back! I love the sight word balloons! However, all your activities looked super fun! I want to come hang out in your classroom for a day!


    1. Awww! Thanks!! You're way too nice!!;) You can come on over any time...we'd love to have you! Hehe!! :)

  2. Welcome back! Glad you have a great class - that helps so much. Your "toast" idea is adorable! Renee