Saturday, August 18, 2012

Organizational Binder

OMGoodness, friends!! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a while!!!! I only had a week and 1/2 to get my ENTIRE classroom put back together!!! We had construction over the Summer so EVERYTHING in our classrooms had to be taken down, boxed up and packed up! So, I pretty much LIVED in my classroom getting it ready and I started school on Wednesday!!! I made it!!!;)
Anyway~ I decided to create an organizational binder for each of my students this year and I am LOVING them!!! (I think the parents are too!;) 
I first saw this idea at Fabulous in First last year! She uses the GO binder. Then, I saw Babbling Abby's post about her ROCKS binder at The Inspired Apple. Both of these VERY smart ladies had awesome ideas on how to put together and use the binder-so, I used them as my models for this project:)
At first, I was going to make a Jungle themed binder....but, after thinking about it-I decided to make a WARRIORS binder. That way, if I changed my classroom theme I could still use the binder AND if anyone else on my Kinder Team, or anyone else in my building wanted to use it-they could!

So, here's what it looks like:) It's a 1" binder with a clear window in the front.  I made it so that WARRIORS stands for: We Are Really Responsible Informed Organized Reliable Students.
Not sure if anyone can use this Binder cover...but, if you can you can download it HERE.

Next thing in the binder is a clear pocket zipper pencil pouch. I like the clear pocket so that I can see if there is anything in it without having to unzip it. This pouch is where parents will put any money that will be coming to school for lunch, book orders, field trips, etc.
They have their folders right after the pencil pouch. The folders are for papers that need to come to and from school each day.

 Next is a sheet that explains what the WARRIORS binder is and how to use it. It is housed in a clear sheet protector. You can download this information sheet HERE.
(Sorry my pics are sideways:( )

 Next, I have a page of rules on how to take care and be responsible for the WARRIORS binder. You can also download the rules page HERE. Next to the rules page, I have important contacts info. I put email addresses and phone numbers for myself, the principal, the nurse, PE teacher and music teacher.

 The next pages are our monthly school calendar, and our breakfast and lunch menus are in a double sided sheet protector.

 After the lunch menu, I have an explanation of my clip chart behavior management system. This description is included in my Jungle Clip Chart Behavior System. If you want, you can check it out at my TPT store. (I also have a pirate themed version of the clip chart in my TPT store HERE.)

 Next, is a quick reference page for the clip chart system. And last, is the behavior calendar. I mark on the calendar the color that the student ended the day on. Both the quick reference page and the calendars can be found in my Jungle Clip Chart pack in my TPT store. (Or you can find it in a pirate theme HERE.)

 After the calendar, there is a tab divider with a pocket in it. Inside that pocket, I put several copies of a "Change in Transportation" form and Some "Notes to teacher" forms. You can download those forms HERE.

 Here's the back of the tab divider:)

After the tab-is where their weekly homework packets will be placed. I'm going to use the homework packs that Erin Eberhart and I created together. You can check out our September homework packs HERE.

Hopefully you found something here that you can use or maybe just some useful information on how to put together you own binder:)

I'll be posting some pics of my Jungle classroom soon!!! So, please stay tuned!;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wild About School Giveaway!!

I have teamed up with Robynn and SueBeth from Busy Bees and Teri from A Cupcake fo the Teacher to offer you a WILD giveaway!!!;)

Here is information to help you with following each of the 3 blogs and you can also use it to help you place them on your blog roll:
Little Kinder Warriors
A Cupcake For The Teacher
Busy Bees

Here is information to help you with following each of the bloggers' TPT stores:
Little Kinder Warriors
A Cupcake For The Teacher
Busy Bees

AND are the units that you will have 3 chances to win!!

From Katie at Little Kinder Warriors

From Busy Bees~Robynn and SueBeth

From Katie at Little Kinder Warriors

From Katie at Little Kinder Warriors

From Teri at A Cupcake For The Teacher

From Busy Bees~Robynn and SueBeth

From Busy Bees~Robynn and SueBeth

Good Luck!!!! Hope you Win!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

September Homework Pack

O.K...I am a little obsessed with teacher blogs!!! (As many of you are!;) One of the best parts is all of the amazing people I've met and the relationships I've formed!! I have teamed up with one of the cutest, most creative girls ever to bring you this Homework pack. Erin may know her from her adorable blog Eberhart's Explorers. Yes!! She is just as sweet as she looks in her pictures:)  I'm so excited to have teamed up with her to launch our series of monthly homework packs!!

Do you have parents asking you what they can work on at home? Not sure what to have your kinders do? Well, we've got your answer! This is the first homework pack in a series of monthly packs to reinforce your students' skills throughout the year. This packet starts in September and is a great "kick off" once students are settled into a routine.
 This packet includes:
~Weekly homework calendars (5 weeks included, with 3 different weekly calendar options) that lay out which activities should be completed each night
~A monthly project
~Response sheets for your student to complete and submit with each activity

Filled with 51 pages and created by 2 Kindergarten teachers with different curriculums! Hop on over to My TPT store and grab your copy today. Happy shopping!