Friday, July 27, 2012

Pirate Theme Clip Chart!!!

So....after I posted my Jungle Clip Chart, I had quite a few requests for a pirate one:) So, I made it. Just posted it in my TPT store and I'm really excited about how it turned out!!!! You can click on the picture below to check it out at my store...but, don't pay too much attention to my images on there!!!!! They are VERY blurry:( I accidentally made my thumbnails too small and now I'm having trouble with WON'T let me edit it?!?! So, please just look at all the pics on here before you click over:)

You can click on this pic to take you to the listing on TPT:

Here is what each level of the clip chart looks like:

I don't have an example of one put together...but, you can put it together the same way as my jungle themed one (only difference is there is a little parrot that you can stick in the tree top if you choose to use him:):

Here are some things that are also included in the pack:

Again, I don't have a picture of the display for this pack-but you might choose to display your rules something like this:

Hope some of you out there can use it!;) It was a ton of, sadly, I won't be taking any more request for these this Summer:( I wish I could make every single one that each one of you needs...but, I have WAY too much stuff that I still have to do for my own classroom!!! Only 2 weeks left....Ahhhhhh!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

For all of you D'Nealian & Cursive Teachers Out There!

I had some requests to make my alphabet lines in cursive and D'Nealian, I hunted down some fonts and here they are!!

Click on the picture below to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to check out the D'Nealian Jungle Alphabet Line:

Click here to check out the Cursive Jungle Alphabet Line:

 Click here to check out the D'Nealian Pirate Alphabet line:

And here for Pirate Cursive:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teacher Tool Box + Free Labels!

I'm sure you've been seeing these toolboxes ALL over pinterest:) I origionally saw it here at Create.Teach.Share.  Well, I Finally finished mine!!!...Well, almost;) I haven't been able to get into my classroom yet this Summer-so, I'm trying to remember everything in my desk! I'm getting rid of the old desk this year-so, this toolbox is a MUST:) Anyway-I made EVERY single label I could think of, so that I have them incase I change my mind:) I'll probably end up switching them out a million times before I'm finished;)
So, here it is....

Want the labels??  Click on the picture below to get them:)

I have thought of those of you who aren't doing a Jungle theme too:) Here are some black and white labels that you can print out on colored cardstock and embellish to make them your own:) Click on the picture below to grab those:)

On a totally different note....look who I got to see today!!!;)

My baby boy:) I can't wait to hold him in about 9 more weeks:)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Preschool Portfolio Updated!!!

As many of you know, I updated my Kindergarten portfolio this Summer and made it bigger and better!!;) You can check out the post that I did about it here!

Welp, I finally got around to doing the same for my Pre-K portfolio. It is revised and bigger and better:) Before the update, it was the same exact portfolio as the Kindergarten one....just with different titles, etc. Well, a BIG thanks to my Preschool teaching friend, Susan, for taking a look at it and giving me some suggestions on how to make it more appropriate for preschool:)

If you already own the Preschool packet, PLEASE visit my store to download a new copy!!! If you don't own it yet, please visit my TPT store to check it out HERE!

Included in the product:
-A cover page for the portfolio
-Monthly divider/title pages with a poem for that month and spaces to add photos
-Monthly self-portrait/growth chart pages (with boy/girl options)
-Monthly name writing pages
-Monthly writing prompts
-Monthly calendar pages for writing numbers
-Shapes pages for copying shapes
-1st day poem, self portrait poem and a poem from the teacher
-An All About Me Section includes: Poem/divider pg, house/family, school/teacher, birthday, phone #, favorite lunch, tooth chart, Things I learned and 2 autograph pages

Hope you like the updates!;)

Now, I just have the 1st grade pack to go!!!;) Any first grade teachers reading this want to take a look and give suggestions?? Please email me!!!;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I DID IT!!!!!!

OMGoodness!! Have any of you been wanting a new blog design lately?!? Well, good luck!! The blog designers seem to be soooooo busy right now!!! Everyone has HUGE waiting lists and some have even closed up shop for now because they have soooo much to do!!!

I had a designer in mind for my blog, but after contacting them 4 times with no response-I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands if I really wanted to get it done:)

Yep, that's right...ME!!!!! I figured it out!!;) (Can you tell I'm proud of myself?;)

I had a vision of what I wanted my blog to look like. I wanted to keep my Little Warrior guy (Warrior is our school mascot) and keep my color scheme of oranges and blacks (school colors). So, I started searching Etsy for backgrounds and frames.

I decided on these backgrounds from SpringHillGraphics for $4.00. They have some SUPER cute stuff!

I found these cute little halloween banners that matched perfectly for $3.50 from digitalfield. If you're looking for cute little banners like this-she has all different colors and designs:)

And lastly, I decided on this HUGE set of frames for $7.00 from WhilstDigitalStash These will definitely come in handy!

Then, I got to work creating my header, sidebar titles, buttons and signature. THEN, for the hard part....installation. I am by NO means, a super techy person, but google is AMAZING!!! I was able to find tutorials on installing EVERY SINGLE element!!!!;) I think the trickiest part is creating a blog, if you've done that, you could definitely install any of these other elements too!;)

So, that's it!!! I got a new blog design for under $15.00!! And, I'm pretty happy with the results! I think I'll keep it for quite some time:) Of course there are some things that are less than, don't look too closely;)

What are your thoughts???

Monday, July 16, 2012

EVERY SINGLE freebie for your Meet and Greet or Open House

Hi Friends!
Last Summer I posted some freebies for you to use at your Open House, Meet and Greet or Orientation. It's just  a little "treasure hunt" that you can use for your students to become more familiar and comfortable with the classroom. You can read my original posts here and here.
Well, last Summer, I just kept getting requests from people on how they wanted me to fix them to meet their classroom needs. Now, this Summer the requests have started again:)
So, I decided to remake the freebie and make EVERY SINGLE option that I could think of! I think there is something here for everyone!!!;)

If you teach Kindergarten click on the image below to get 9 different options for Kindergarten!

If you teach First Grade-click on the image below to get 9 different options for First Grade!

If you teach preschool-click on the image below to get 12 different options for Preschool!

If you grab any of these...I would LOVE it if you would leave me a comment and follow my blog!;) Thanks!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Update to Jungle Clip Chart

Hey there!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have added some pages to my Jungle theme behavior management clip chart!
My friend Chrissy from Read, Write, Sing suggested that I add monthly behavior logs as an option.

She said:
Using the monthly calendar in the binder is a paper saver and also gives me a broad view of behavior at progress report times.  It also makes it easy to see improvement!

Isn't she brilliant!?!...I think so!! Thanks, Chrissy!!!!

So, I added these:

If you've already purchased the clip chart system~No worries!! Just download it again to get the added calendars!! Click on the image below to take you straight there:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Made it Monday: Shutter/Closet Door Book Display

Hello, all you crafty people!!!, I'm a newbie to 4th Grade Frolic's Monday Made its!! But, that doesn't mean I haven't been creating the crap out of stuff this Summer and marking things off of my to-do list!! I always want to link up....but somehow never seem to make it to that point on Mondays:)

Anywhoooo....this Monday I'm doing it!;) Are you ready to see what I've made....well, almost made!!! It's not totally complete yet:) (I'll get to that part of the story:) LOL!
O.K. all started one night when I was looking at Pinterest (where else?!) for some ideas on how to make cool, cheap book displays for my boys' room. (We are remodeling their room into a "Big Boy Room" because they have to "move in" together when the baby gets here...bunk beds coming on Thursday!) Anyway-I saw lots of cool ideas and really liked this one:
How clever is this??? They used an old shutter and turned it into a book display! It's from a little crafty blog called: something to do.
Well, you're not going to believe this, but, the VERY NEXT DAY, I was driving though town and spotted a yardsale that was calling my name. I stopped at the sale and low and behold-THEY HAD THESE BABIES FOR SALE!!!!
Ummmm....yeah!!! Those are closet doors!! He had 4 doors (which would equal 8 book displays:) He told me he would give them all to me for $6! SOLD!!!! I don't know what I will ever do with that many...but I have them (and my husband doesn't like me very much right now:)
Well, I went out and bought the supplies I would need to paint one up for my classroom:) Yes, Zebra Print, of course!!! (Zebra Stencil from Hobby Lobby:)

I just couldn't wait to get started on my display!!!...But, if you haven't heard-the temps in the good old STL area have been in the 100s for the last couple of weeks:( But, time is something I don't have a lot of!!! So, when I had some extra minutes-I got to work! I primed it one day. Painted it black another day and when it was about 105 outside, I decided to do some stenciling....Well, my 7 month preggo self just about died!!!!! I could only do about 1/2 of the door and had to go in to hydrate and cool off!!!! Well, a few days later, when I decided to finish it....the stencil just didn't work so well anymore:( And, this is what happend:(
WORD TO THE WISE=if you're planning to paint in more than one more than one stencil!!!;)

Anyway....the part that I have done looks pretty cute:)

You can fit just about any paperback book in this thing....(nothing too thick).
It also fits the little "Learn to Read" readers perfectly!

Here's my whole (unfinished) display:)

What have you made???? Link up and share!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Winner of the Easi-Speak!!!

Sorry I'm just getting around to doing this post!! Thank you all for being so patient:)

The winner of the Learning Resources Easi-Speak USB recorder is......
That's Mrs. Wells!!! Here's how she said she's going to use it:
Congratulations!!!! And thanks to all who participated in this giveaway!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jungle theme Clip Chart+Behavior Catalog FREEBIE!

As of last year, I was still using the same old Stoplight Behavior System. Don't get me wrong, I like the system, I'm comfortable with the system-and it works well for MOST kids. But, what about those kids who move their car EVERY SINGLE day and it seems to have no effect on them what-so-ever?? Or the kids who behave great UNTIL that one mistake happens. Once they move their car, they know there's no going back and it's all down-hill from there!? Aghhh! I know you all know who I'm talking about:)

I've been wanting to switch to something a little more positive. Something that would motivate those kids who seem so hard to motivate to behave themselves. I've really been looking at the clip chart behavior management sysytem by Rick Morris for quite a while now. You can download a free 36 page ebook from his website HERE! It fits in well with the stoplight system that many schools use, yet provides positive recognition for students who go above and beyond and gives students who may have started the day out on the wrong foot, a chance to MOVE BACK UP!

Sounds great, huh?! But, I had to figure out a way to document behavior and communicate with parents. Well, I thought and thought, searched and searched and read and read about how other teachers are using it.
My brain is tired!!! But this is what I came up with. (of course it's Jungle themed to match my room:)-If you're interested in other themes, let me know and I'll see what I have time for:)

Click on the pic below to check out the clip chart system:

Here is what each level of the clip chart looks like:

Here is what it looks like when it's all put together:

The pack also comes with rules for you to display in your room. You can choose the rules that fit your classroom best. Here's how I chose to display them:

The pack also includes the following:
~8 different class rules to choose from
~Punch cards (punch each day for students to earn rewards)
~Reward certificate and necklaces
~2 different behavior log choices for student agenda/folder to communicate behavior to parents.
~A letter to include in your handbook that explains the behavior system.
~A color code chart for parents to refer to.

I also created a behavior catalog to match:) This, of course, is in NO WAY my idea. I first saw the idea at from Sarah Cooley at First Grader...At Last. I have seen other version since then on other blogs as well;) This little catalog can be used in your classroom instead of a treasure box!! All the items are simple and FREE and the kids LOVE them!;) This little pack that I whipped up includes the cover and pages to create your Jungle themed catalog. It also includes a necklace for each choice that the student can wear on the day he/she "cashes in" the reward!;)
I am offering up this catalog for FREE in my TPT store!;) Visit my store to check out my clip chart system or to grab your free copy of the catalog!! If you grab it, I just ask that you follow my store and if you like it, please remember to leave feedback:)
You can grab it by clicking on the image below:

Here's an example of one of the choices in the catalog: