Thursday, May 31, 2012

Super Cute Lemonade Theme Target Find

We have 2 Little girl birthday parties to go to this weekend-so, I went off to find something cute and girly. I went to Target and searched the Girl Toy section, the Girl clothing section, the cosmetic section-but, nothing really caught my eye. I decided to head back to the gardening/beach/Summery display and that's when I spotted this!!!! It's not really Super Girly-I think any kid would love it:) I thought it was just absolutely adorable!!!! So, I got a set for each little girl:) Here's what I got:

This ice bucket with scoop: $6
Dispenser: $6

Lemonade Banner: $2.50

Sales Notepad: $2.00

Adorable Apron: $3.50

lemonade: $2.00 & cups: $2.00

Then, I got to thinking about the dollar section that I thoroughly examined (and do EVERY time I go into Target.) I thought Hmmmmm......didn't I see some lemony things there????
I also picked up this bag to put all the goodies in, a money box (yes, it actually says "money box" on the sticker:), and a 2-pack of matching pens, each item for....yep, you guessed it $1!!!!!

I thought even if the parents of these lucky kids don't want to have a REAL lemonade stand-they would sure have fun pretending!!!;)

That's when I thought-Hmmmmm....these could also be used in the pretend/kitchen center! Turn your pretend center into a lemonade stand!

I also found this cute little unit  to go along with it!!! This was created by the ever-so-talented-Sarah Cooley! Click on the picture below to visit her TPT store and check it out!;)
Happy Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Jungle Theme Room Decor

So, I'm a couple weeks into Summer Vaca and LOVING it!;) I have started working on a couple of Summer projects and posted a couple of new ones in my TPT store.
Last year, while decorating my Jungle themed classroom, I searched for a jungle themed alphabet line....couldn't find ANYTHING!!! So, I kept my old one up, even though it didn't match. This year, I decided I would make a set myself:) Here's a sample of how they turned out. Click on the picture below to go to my TPT store and check it out!

I had several requests to make a set of my jungle number posters for numbers 11-20. Finally got around to that:) Click on the picture below to check them out:
Don't forget to check out my other Jungle themed goodies!! You can grab the free locker/cubbie tags while you're there;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

End of the Year Slideshow Freebie!

Sheeeeew! I made it!!!! I'm on Summer Vacation!! Yippeeeee!!!
If you're like me, your BIG end of the year slideshow is the last big, major project that you tackle for the year. This year, I decided to make some cute little titles to make my slideshow a little big more fun:) And, I'm very pleased with how cute it turned out this year:)
Want some fun slides of your own?? You're in luck! I have posted them in my TPT store as a FREE download! If you grab a copy, I just ask that you follow my blog and TPT store. 
I have saved each slide as a PNG so that you can add it to your slide show just like you would any of your photos:)....SUPER easy:)
You can click on the picture below to go my TPT store and grab your free slides:)...If you're already finished with school for this year-Sorry! can always grab them and save them for next year! (I included a second title slide that has the years 2012-2013;)
Hope these slides are useful to some of you! Please leave me a comment and let me know:)
On a totally different note...we went to have our 20 week ultrasound last week and found out we are having a.....

Here's his sweet little face:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I appreciate you so much!!! 20% off + extra 10% off TPT!

I appreciate you all soooo much!!! Thank you so much for all of the support you have shown me, my blog and my TPT store over the past year!!! In our appreciation, many TPT sellers are throwing a sale!!! We are taking 20% off of all of our products and TPT is giving an additional 10% off with this code: TAD12! Be sure to stock up on everything you will need for next year at these great prices!!!!!! 
You can click HERE to go straight to my store!!!
You might also want to check out my newest product! Summer homework calendars pack! Click on the pic below to go straight to it:

Or, maybe you want to start preparing materials for next year!
Click the pic below to check out my Kindergarten Portfolio & Memory book!!! (There are also Pre-K and 1st grade versions available!)

You can also check out my jungle themed classroom decor!!;)
Number word posters: (click on pic)

Behavior management system (click on pic): (This system is also available in ocean, pirate, and frog themes)

Word Wall (click on pic)

Happy Shopping!!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Homework Calendars Pack

O.K, it's the end of the year, my brain is FRIED, but I managed to whip up a fun Summer Homework Calendar pack.
This pack includes homework calendars for May-August. Each day of the month has a skill for your aspiring first grade students to practice. The skills include skills from writing, reading and math that we have learned throughout Kindergarten and that will help keep them prepared for first grade!
You can click on the calendar below to grab a free sample of the homework calendar:)
The pack includes:
~a letter to parents
~3 sets of homework calendars for you to choose from--one set is dated for 2012, one set has no dates on it and one set is blank if you'd like to fill it in with your own skills:) Pick the set that's best for you!
~10 first grade sight word lists.
~a Summer Skills activity booklet for students to complete certain skills.

You can check out this packet in my TPT store by clicking on the image below!