Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tooth and Dental Health Centers and an Experiment

Alphabetical Order:

Notice how the letters needed are in red:
here is the harder response book:
Sorting blends:
Putting sentences together:
counting circular arrays:
These cards have a red dot to help student remember where to start and stop counting:
Counting Money:
This is a lift the flap game~Students lift her head to see how much money was left on her pillow:

Use the tooth rulers to measure the toothbrush/toothpaste:
You can find these centers and more in my Tooth and Dental Health Math and literacy centers pack. Although I don't have pictures of all of it, there are ways to differentiate just about every center:) click on the picture below to check it out:
We also did this fun and simple experiment! While I have done this experiment before, I got the idea for the response sheet from Erin at Eberhart's Explorers! She's so smart! Love her blog!!!!
We soaked our eggs overnight in soda to see what would happen:

 Here are the response sheets. We made our predictions the day before and wrote the letter in the box and drew a picture of what we thought would happen. The next day, we checked them and wrote our conclusions and drew a picture of what happened to the egg.

 Then, we brushed our eggs to see if we could get them clean. We tried brushing them without toothpaste and with toothpaste to see which worked better:

Hope you found something you can use!!;)
Update-I had some requests for the response sheet. PLEASE be aware that this is NOT my original idea!!! Got the idea from Erin at Eberhart's Explorers!!!! You MUST stop by her blog and thank HER for the idea and make sure you follow her!!! She's fabulous!;) click on the pic below to grab it: