Sunday, January 29, 2012

100th Day+Freebie

O.K....So, just because we celebrated our 100th Day a couple of weeks ago, doesn't mean I can't still post my pictures, right????:) Sorry!!! I'm a little behind! Surely there are still a few of you out there who still haven't celebrated it yet....maybe?;)
It's getting late, so, I'm not going to do tons of explanation...but, I will show you all my pics (which, to me is the best part!;)
So, here was our day~
Our hat with 100 stickers-I LOVE making these hats!! I give each student a set of 10 stickers (ex. bear stickers) and we all stick on 10 bears, then 10 ants-we all stick on 10 ants and talk about how 2 sets of 10 is 20, etc. all the way up to 100!
We made trail mix and everyone added 100 ingredients. First, we compared some of our ingredients. 100 tiny marshmallows, 100 pretzels and 100 cheese-its sure do look different!!!! And we talked about why.

We did Deanna Jump's estimation activity to see which bottle had more, less and equal to 100.
Of course our friend Zero the Hero visited us! He left us a note that said: measure 100 footsteps from your door, then measure 50 more! you will find a special treat! The 100th Day is really neat!!
I made our zero the hero puppet from felt. He sits on a water bottle so that he can stand up:)

Here we are measuring:
Finding our treat!
He left us 100 grand candy bars, stickers, pencils, giant $100 money and a zero the hero pin!
I found this stamp on ebay my first year teaching. Not sure if the seller sells them anymore-but here's his store:
It's fabulous! I use it on their 10th day work and they get a stamp on their hand every 10th day. I also use it to make these pins. I use a permanent ink pad and stamp it on foam and color it in with a sharpie:) Simple~but the kids LOVE them:)

Our 100 numbers hunt: I hide these little neon dot stickers all around the room. They have the numbers 1-100 written on them with a sharpie.
We stick them on a 100s chart to see if we found them all. We are STILL missing number 66!!!!
Last, but not least, we do this 100 hidden picture listening activity. I read off one number at a time and tell the kiddos what color to color it. If they follow all of the directions, they will have a 100 smiley face at the end.
I found this interactive 100s chart that I projected onto the board so that the it would be easier for some of my kiddos to follow along:)
You can click here to grab a copy of the directions:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

STL Blogger Meet Up

Sooooo....I've been so jealous reading other people's posts about their area blogger get togethers! So, I was just SO absolutely thrilled when Chrissy from Read Write Sing emailed me with plans for STL bloggers to get together!!
So, I ventured about an hour from my house which is located between 2 teeny, tiny backwoods towns across the ole' Miss to the big city. (Thank goodness for my new iphone and my AWESOME Waze app!!! If you don't have Waze-get it NOW! It's a FREE turn by turn GPS app that talks!!! Love it:) Anyway~
I have to admit...I was a tad bit nervous about this little get together....but that didn't last long!!! From the minute we sat down-there was NOT ONE lull in the conversation!!!! We talked about EVERYTHING;) These are some of the nicest, sweetest ladies ever! I felt like we were all old friends! Wondering who was there??
From left-Becky-Paint the Sky Green, Chrissy-Read Write Sing, Meredith-Keen on Kindergarten, Me and Deedee-Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.
Well, we stuck around for about 3 1/2 hours....long after our waiter went home:) I'm pretty sure they were about to ask us to leave...but we finally did on our own:)
Best thing I learned that day~The 3 minute pack-up!!!!!! Now, before we start out Math journals (our last activity of the day) I set a timer for 3 minutes and the kiddos have to have everything packed up, hanging neatly on the backs of their chairs before the timer goes off. If they do, they get a treat. Then, we do our Math journals and the end of our day is calm, quiet and peaceful!!!!! I didn't think this was possible!!!!! I LOVE you, Deedee!!!!!! Thank you for the BEST TIP EVER!;)
You probably can't tell from the pic, but our table cloth was a big piece of paper and they gave us crayons to draw with....we were all taking notes and tearing off chunks of our table cloth to take home with us:) LOL!
Are you a STL blogger???? Leave a comment or shoot one of us an email. We hope to get together again soon~there's got to be more of us out there:)
Thanks ladies, for a Fabulous afternoon!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

100th Day Math & Literacy Centers

Just wanted to let you all know that my 100th day Math and literacy centers are posted in my TPT store!;)
Click on the pic below to check it out~

Here are some pics of the Math Centers in action:

Pattern blocks, tally marks and <, > =

Odd and Even numbers~

Counting on from ten~

Counting by 10s~

Here are the literacy Centers~

Hope everyone has a Happy 100th Day!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Math and Literacy Centers (+ can-dos)

Here is a peak at how my centers are going this week:

Literacy Centers:
Sorting ending sounds~

Discovering sight words~

At word family~Real/Nonsense Words~

For the 4th center, 1/2 of the group reads with me from their leveled readers, while the other 1/2 are at the listening center and then we switch:)~
Leveled Readers~

Listening Center~

We use this listening center response sheet from Deedee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!

Here are my Literacy Center Can-dos~When the kids are finished with their station they can pick one of these to do until it is time to clean up. You can read more about how I organize these HERE.
Lit. Can-dos~
Write the Room~
You can grab this write the room freebie HERE;)

January Writing Center~
This center is from Mrs. Wills. Go HERE to check it out!;) LOVE IT!

Sound Munchers~
This response sheet is from Babbling Abby and can be found  HERE.

Time Me Station~Students flip through sight words or letters and read them off while their partner times them. This center is also from Mrs. Wills:) Check it out HERE.

Math Centers:

Number words and tally marks~

Roll a Snowman~

Numerical order~

Counting on from 10~

Math Can-dos~


We use this page from Eberhart's Explorers on the front and these calendar pages from Growing Kinders on the back.

Games~ This week we did Don't Break the Ice:)

Surveys~I am LOVING these new surveys from Deanna Jump. She has a couple freebies on her blog! This one is from her Winter Centers Pack. The question is: Do you like frosty weather or sunny weather?

Dice~this little dice game is from Deedee's Snowman Math Work Stations pack! Students roll the dice to see who's picture will be colored first.


There you have it! Those are all of the centers that we worked on this week. All of the Math and Literacy Centers can be found in my Snowy Math and Literacy Centers pack.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Send some LOVE....

The devastation that was felt in Joplin, MO 8 months ago hits pretty close to home for me (being from the STL area). When I read the letter sent to Deedee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten from a Joplin teacher, I knew I had to help!!!! I'm sending some LOVE their way!! Want to help???? find out how by clicking on the heart above and joining Deedee's linky party!!  It's all about helping fellow teachers and their students, in a time of need!