Friday, November 30, 2012

December Homework Packet...Finally!

My dear friend, Erin from Eberhart's Explorers and I FINALLY posted our December Homework packet last night!! Thanks so much to all who continue to buy our packets and for being soooo patient with us:) We really appreciate all of you soooo much!!
Here's a peak at what our packet looks like:) You can snag your copy for $6 in my TPT store! Please hop over and check it out!;)
I don't know about you, but I have gotten a great response from my students and parents on these packs! You know those parents....those over-achieving parents who ALWAYS ask you if there are things their child should be working on? The ones who want you to send extra work home for their kiddos to reinforce the skills that are being taught?? LOVE those parents...but I'm always scrambling around trying to find things to send home with them that are good quality, relivant to what we are working on and things that I'm not going to need to use with the whole class...cuz who wants to hear "I ALREADY DID THAT!!!!!:)
I had been thinking about starting this project over the Summer-so, when Erin approached me about teaming up to create some new, fun stuff....I KNEW this was the PERFECT project for us!!! That way, we would have two different teachers, from two different schools, with two different curriculums creating a MUCH better packet:)
So, I presented the idea to Erin and she loved it AND she had the idea of having a family project added to the packets each month! Well, I immediately LOVED that idea!!! And, of course, my parents and students do too!!! As you may know, I have been on maternity leave for the past couple of months-but my sub and team teachers have been keeping me posted and send me pics of the projects that come in. The kids are always so excited to show off their work!!
Here are a few samples of the past months family projects:
October's family project-Pumpkins on Parade! Decorate your pumpkin to look like your favorite story character!
Here are just a few examples:

This one is my FAVORITE!!!! The Old Lady!! Pull the top off and everything she ate is inside!!;)

 November: Shake your tail feathers:
Our 3 Kindergarten classes displayed all of our feathers together on a bulletin board in our hallway:)

Look like fun?? Then, please check out our December pack! There is a new family project and of course, a skill to work on for each day of the month that are all presented in fun ways:)


  1. Love those pumpkins and your homework pack looks great!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. The pumpkins look like a creative way to incorporate literacy and art. Do the students bring their pumpkins into the classroom to share during class? If so, are any accommodation made for those students that did not get the opportunity to complete the project?

  3. Hey Erin,
    love the homework packs; just downloaded December...just wanted to let you know a couple of the pages still say November and the week 1 page still references the Nov. family project...just so you know :-)

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