Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First few weeks, Pete the Cat & Stick a fork in me-I'm done!!!!

Hi friends!
I'm so sorry that I've been a bit MIA lately!! I'm 37 weeks preggo and missed a week of school last week due to some minor is doing just fine!!....he's just sucking the life out of me!!! LOL!;)
So, I'm a little behind on posting!!! Sorry!!
Thought I'd share some things that we did the first few weeks of school....
Here's our "1st day of school frame";) Loved this idea!! I'm seen lots of them floating around blogland lately:)

For the 2nd week of school-we did our "All About Me" unit.
Here is our boy/girl graph:)

We also did an eye color pie graph. I got these cute ideas from Julie Lee's blog! You can visit her post here.
AND you can click HERE to get the eyes that I used for this pie graph:)

We also did these adorable "Peacemaker" and "Peacebreaker" anchor charts that I found at The First Grade Parade!!! I pretty much TOTALLY copied her design because they were just so stinkin' cute!!;) 

AND, OMG!!!! How cute did these Davids turn out!?!? I love them so much!!!!  Fall into First has these as a free download!!!! YES, all of this cuteness for FREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!! Be sure to visit her and snag your patterns-be sure to leave her some nice comments and show her some love:)

This anchor char might be one of the smartest things I have EVER seen!!!! It has done WONDERS for my Kinders' coloring!!!! This baby is going to stay posted!!! I'm always referring to it to remind the kids what good coloring looks like!!! I got this amazingly brilliant idea from Deedee at Mrs. Wills KinderShe's one of the smartest people that I know!!!!!!;)
HINT~you may want to practice "bad coloring" before you make your chart!!!!! I found it to be kind of hard to do really bad coloring!!!! LOL!

The next week of school we did Pete the Cat!! I'm seriously obsessed with Pete and my Kinders are too!!!!!
Got this Pete idea from the AMAZING Deanna Jump! It's my fault that our Petes look a tad bit scary!!!:) We forgot to finish his eyes!!! OOOOOPs!;)

This anchor chart was another idea from Deanna!

Wow!!! Thank goodness for all the AMAZING teachers out there in blogland...or what would I have done during our first couple of weeks????:)

Here is a peek of our first week of centers. I tried to keep them VERY simple:) Here's what we did....

Pete the Cat in the Listening Center, of course!;)

 Matching capital and lowercase letters.

Matching rhyming words.

 The dots on the back help with self-checking. They also colored the 2 rhyming pictures to match the dots on their response sheets.

 Writing/matching color words

 Counting and writing "how many".  (There is also a color coded number line to go along with this center to help students with writing their numbers-but it somehow didn't make it into this pic.)

 Spin and trace the number

Ways to make 5

Matching shapes
 You can check out my "Cool and Groovy Colorful Cats" centers pack HERE in my TPT store.

Here's what I look like right now!! OMG! I'm about to POP!!!!! LOL! Not sure how much longer I'm going to make it... 


  1. You look so cute!!!! Wishing you the best :)

  2. Everything looks amazing! Wishing you the best!

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  5. You look AWESOME! You're firt week looks like so much fun too :-) So excited that you're new bundle is going to arrive soon :-)

  6. Love all your ideas Katie! Good luck these next couple weeks!!!

  7. Hi, Katie!

    I have been using your bug chart for noise levels in my classroom. Our whole school does numbers for noise level. I was hoping you could make a zero for me. We use zero for silent. Can you email me about this? My email is Thanks so much!


  8. You look great. Can't believe you actually started teaching so close to your due date. No wonder you are exhausted. Best of luck with the new little guy.

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