Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teacher Tool Box + Free Labels!

I'm sure you've been seeing these toolboxes ALL over pinterest:) I origionally saw it here at Create.Teach.Share.  Well, I Finally finished mine!!!...Well, almost;) I haven't been able to get into my classroom yet this Summer-so, I'm trying to remember everything in my desk! I'm getting rid of the old desk this year-so, this toolbox is a MUST:) Anyway-I made EVERY single label I could think of, so that I have them incase I change my mind:) I'll probably end up switching them out a million times before I'm finished;)
So, here it is....

Want the labels??  Click on the picture below to get them:)

I have thought of those of you who aren't doing a Jungle theme too:) Here are some black and white labels that you can print out on colored cardstock and embellish to make them your own:) Click on the picture below to grab those:)

On a totally different note....look who I got to see today!!!;)

My baby boy:) I can't wait to hold him in about 9 more weeks:)


  1. He is so precious! Congrats! Your tool box looks great! :)

  2. I so wish they had 3D ultra sounds when i had my children, love the picture. Oh, the tool books looks wonderful :)

  3. Congrats on your little one! I love the tool box your created too!

  4. Love that picture. I can't believe ultrasounds now!! I just spray painted mine yesterday and was going to make labels today. I am doing a jungle theme, so I owe ya!! THANKS!

  5. Wow and double wow! Those ultrasound pictures are almost like actually seeing them. A-ma-zing! That will make the next very hot 9 weeks of the summer worth it.

    Thanks for making me the perfect labels! I couldn't have ordered up a more perfect set. I'm all about zebra and brights and I bought my toolbox last night - same one. You're making the project a piece of cake.

    Donna W.

  6. What a precious little face!!

    Thanks so much for the labels...I've been procrastinating on making my own and now I don't have to :)


  7. Thank you soo soo much for these labels! I can't wait to print them out on my color paper!

  8. Thank you so much for the labels! They are precious! What is the font name you used on them! I LOVEE that font!

    1. Hi there! The font is called ABC Bulletin....you can get it free from fontsner.com:)

  9. How did you attach yours to the box? Did you modge podge or something else?

  10. The tool box is great but OH MY GOODNESS the ultrasound picture is just FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for sharing your new little bundle.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  11. Hi,
    Thanks so much for these. This is the EXACT theme for my classroom. I have a 39 drawer toolbox, is there a way for me to edit these so I can put my own names in the boxes? Please email me at Samantha.Fenceroy@gmail.com
    Thanks again,