Saturday, August 27, 2011

Freebie Friday (A little late:)

Hi Friends!
I know that this is VERY late! I went to the Cards game last night and left right after, I didn't get a chance to post this! I meant to post it earlier today...but we all know how that goes!;)
Anyway-here are just a couple of little freebies that I've made for my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom unit next week!;)
The first one is a math center. Kinders will trace the numbers and use bingo daubers to stamp the coconuts in the trees. Click on the pic to get your copy!
The second one is a step by step drawing of a monkey. I'm going to put this at my writing center. The kiddos will have to draw the picture and label it. Not sure if the monkey turned out cute or scary!?! LOL! I'll let you decide:) Click on the pic to get this writing paper and the step by step signs to post at your writing center:)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three For Thursday

O.K., now it's my turn to link up with Blog Hoppin's linky party!;) Here are my 3 favs:

My favorite font-LOVE me some:
from!! Click on the image above to download it for FREE!;) (along with many others!)

My favorite blog!?! There are just so many AMAZING blogs out there!! I admire so many of you and have gained so many ideas over the past year. I have grown to ten times the teacher since discovering all of you:)  But, I have to say that Deedee Wills is the BOMB!;) She is THE nicest, most helpful person on the planet!!! She would do anything to help out a fellow teacher and so very willigly shares so much with others. Thanks, Deedee, for everything!!!♥

My favorite online resource-
I have found so many AWESOME, affordable teacher-made activities that my Kinders L.O.V.E.!!!!

Now, it's your turn! Link up at:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet The Teacher

My fav family pic:)
My baby boys:)
My Fam-with Mom, Dad, Big Bro and Sister-in-law
 These are my 7 besties since H.S. Sadly we don't always get good pics of all 8 of, I had to post 2 pics to get us all in:)
Of course, our kids are all besties too!!!!;)

How long have I been teaching?
This is my 8th year teaching and they have all been in Kindergarten...I'm a lucky girl:) (I also subbed for a year 1/2 before I got my 1st job:)

You might not know...
I have a masters in Teacher Leadership and swore I was finished!! many papers written:) But, I stumbled across this amazing opportunity through a Math and Science Sprouting Stems grant and am taking classes for FREEEEEE! I will be getting 24 additional college credit hours and LOADS of math and science manipulatives, supplies and resources!! I have also gotten a free laptop and flip camera! You would NOT believe the freebies I have gotten!!!:) This was a 2 year program that I will be finishing up in the Spring.

What am I looking forward to this year?
Learning so much more from all of you!!!! Thank you to every single blogger out there who has made me a better teacher!

What do you need to improve?
My organization skills!!!!! I'm just going to come right out and say it....I'm a mess!!!
I could also improve on juggling teaching, blogging and family:) It's hard! I'm usually a midnight blogger....but I'm always so darn tired!!!;)

What teaching supplies could you not live without?
My blog buddies...did I tell you all how much I ♥ you all??;)
Also, My laminator and my E6000:) (Wishing I had a Promethean board:(

Hop on over and meet some more hoppin' teachers:)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Name Art Ceiling Decor inspired by Deanna Jump:)

Don't you just LOVE Deanna Jump's Name Mosaics from her Literacy and Math Fun with Names Unit?! Well, I combined Deanna's SUPER cute idea and one of mine to make this Name mosaic that you can hang from your ceiling:)

I have always done a little name art activity at the beginning of the year to hang from our ceiling because they look super cute and very colorful. I would use our die cut machine to cut out the letters in everyone's names in rainbow colors. Then I would give each student a clear piece of contact paper. They would just stick the letters in order on the contact paper. Then, I would stick another piece of contact paper on top and trim off the excess contact paper. They were really cute, but a little too easy for my kinders (would be a GREAT Pre-K activity!)
Well, when I bought Deanna's name unit (which is amazing, as usual:) I thought that I could combine the two ideas to make these:
Here are Deanna's adorable name mosaics!!! (Hers are in ROY G BIV order:) I don't know what I was thinking when I prepared mine!?)

I just wrote the letters of their names on the contact paper with different color Sharpies. What a GREAT fine motor and name activity!! Thanks, Deanna!;) If you haven't checked out her Literacy and Math Fun with Names pack, make sure you hop on over to her TPT store and check it out! There are LOTS of wonderful name activities for the beginning of the year!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winner of the BIG back to school giveaway!!

Congrats to:

Deedee and I would like to thank everyone who participated in our Back to School giveaway!!
Sherman Four, you have been emailed!;) I'm sending your info to Deedee and she will get your goodies to you asap!;) Enjoy and Congrats!!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Jungle themed Classroom Decor!

Welp, I redid my entire room this year and transformed it into a Jungle:) It's finished!!! And just in time too! I had orientation on Thursday night and our 1st FULL day of school was yesterday (a friday)
I saw this bulletin board idea here and I just LOVED it!!!! Have you seen Frog Steet Press's Zebra and leopard print decor!?! It's ADOR.ABLE!
As you can see, I do NOT have a small class this year. So far, I have 25 Kinders.
I tried to take a close-up picture of the bling letters....YES! I said Bling letters! These cute curly letters come with bling to stick on!!!! Also by Frog Street!!
Here is a pic of my classroom from the door. If you follow my blog, you know that I don't have a very big classroom and there is NOT ONE closet in the entire school:( So, my classroom doesn't look as nice and tidy as many of yours do...
Here are some pictures of my whiteboards...As you can see, I don't write on them:) I use my easel to write on:)

If you like any of the jungle themed goodies (word wall, number words, behavior management) you can check them out in my TPT store:)
Here's my calendar...we don't have any active boards in our building so everything is done the old fashion way:) You can grab the days of the week that I used here from doodle bugs:) I also got the idea for my birthday display from Clutter free classroom. I plan to take pictures of the kiddos and post them under their birthday months:)
Here is a shot of the back of my room. I got the directions for the tree from Deanna Jump. She used material for the leaves on her tree though. When I went to the fabric store, I almost fell over when I saw that it was NINE DOLLARS a yard! Holy Cow!!! I opted for green poster board instead:) It's hard to see my locker tags, but if you haven't grabbed them yet, I have them as a freebie in my TPT store:) Click here!
Here is my helper display:
Here is a pocket chart stand that I made from PVC pipe. Then, I wrapped it with zebra print duct tape:) (The monster poem in the pocket chart is from Deanna Jump's back to school math and literacy pack:)
Here is my start student board. I got the idea for the title "Top Banana" here at Little Priorities:)
 If you'd like my little "How do you go Home?" display you can grab it here!
This freebie was made with clipart from Scrappindoodles.
I'm sure you guys have seen these all over pinterest and teaching blogs!!;) Here is my version of the storage crate benches:) If you haven't seen them, you can grab some directions here:)
Here's my reading tent:) = yet another fabulous Target find;)
And last, but not least, I got this SUPER cute idea from Under the alphabet tree! You just hang a ring above each table. Each time the entire table is on task and doing what they are supposed to do-they earn a monkey! (from Barrel of monkeys game) You just hang one on the ring! When they get 5 monkeys they get a reward:) LOVE it!;)

There you have it!;) Hope you enjoyed my jungle themed room and hopefully you got an idea or two to use in yours:)!

Giveaway Reminder...the clock is ticking!!

I just wanted to remind you all to enter my Big Back To School Giveaway from the FAB Deedee Wills!!!! You could win these AwEsOmE products to use for back to school:

Click HERE to enter!! Hurry!!! You only have until midnight tonight!!! The winner will be announced tomorrow!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Freebies Galore for your Meet and Greet, Orientation or Open House!!

Hi friends!
I know, like me, many of you start school THIS WEEK!? Can you believe it?!? Where did the Summer go??? We have Kindergarten Orientation on Thursday. I posted a treasure hunt a while back that I have the kiddos do on orientation night to get to know the classroom a little bit better so they're not so scared and intimidated on that 1st day.
Well, I had quite a few requests on that post to make different, I thought I post some of them so you all can pick which one best suits your class:) If you love the freebies I post, please consider donating to my donors choose project.  But PLEASE leave me a comment!;) They make me HaPpY;)
Here are the original 2 that I posted. They are treasure hunts for Kindergarten. One is with lockers and the other is with cubbies. Click on the images to get a copy if you haven't yet:)

Here's another one for Kindergarten with a table instead of a desk:)

Here's one for all you Pre-K teachers!!;) ♥ the request for the potty:)
Here's one for all you 1st grade teachers!;)
And here's the big one...sheeew! This one took some time:) It's more of a "find these spots in your classroom and put your supplies away" version:)
There you have it!;) Hopefully, out of all of these, you can all find one that fits your classroom needs:)
P.S. Don't forget about the awesome giveaway that I'm having right now with a whole bunch of amazing "Back to School" resources from The fabulous Deedee Wills!!! You can enter our giveaway here!;)