Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cute Kindergarten Graduation Art

I found this ADORABLE art project at Peace, Love, Kindergarten!!! Luckily she was so super nice and put the instructions and patterns in her TPT store for FREE!!!!!!!(Be sure to get both! It's 2 different items) Go check it out!!!! They are toooooo cute!
I did add the tassel to mine;) The instructions for making the tassel are in my post right after this one. I just made a smaller version. I only used one color and instead of wrapping it around a book, I just wrapped it around my hand about 5 times. The rest of the instructions are the same;) I think the tassel adds a touch more cuteness to this already unbelievably cute project!;) Thanks Peace, Love, Kindergarten!!!!

How to make Graduation Tassels

Does anyone else order the little graduation hats from Really Good Stuff?? I like them because they are inexpensive and you fit them to each kinders head....that means they will actually stay on during graduation with no need for scotch tape or bobby pins:)
The sad thing is....we used to order their tassels to go with them, but for some reason they DISCONTINUED them!!?! So, we had to figure something else out because we don't like the cardboard tassels that come with them.
Now we make our own tassels!! Here's how to do it:
Pick 2 different colors of yarn. Wrap one color around a small book about 6 times (this book is about 4x6")
 Wrap the second color around about 6 times.
Slide the yarn off the book.
Stick a piece of yarn through the middle of the loop.
Tie this piece of yarn in a knot. (this will be what your tassel hangs, you will have to decide how long you want it to be)
cut another length of yarn to tie around the middle/top.
Tie it in a knot.
Cut off the bottom of the tassel.
Here is a pic of our graduation hat with a homemade tassel attached:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bubble Day!!!!

We are winding down with our last few days of school. One of my FAVORITE days that we do during these last few days is BUBBLE DAY! It is so much fun!!! The kids LOVE it and it gives me a chance to take some REALLY cute pics of the kiddos:)
We start off the day reading these 2 REALLY fun books! Both of the books are about bubbles that take the shape of things.
Then we do this book page!! Click on the image below for your free copy:)
We also did bubble painting! This is so much fun!!(and just a tad messy:)-the kids LOVE it!! I got the idea from Musings of me!
Just get a small, shallow container and fill the bottom with tempera paint.
Then, put a layer of dawn on top of that. Then add a little water. Stir it up and stick a straw in it.
We practiced SEVERAL times how to blow through a straw rather than suck! And I didn't have anyone drink any of this:) Here are some pics:
uhhhh....looks like someone got a little carried away!!!;)
Here are some of our finished products:
Last, but not afternoon of bubble blowing!!!! To make your bubbles:
get a swimming pool and fill it with water.
AFTER it is filled with water, add about 1/2 bottle of dawn dish soap.
Also add about 1/4 bottle of corn syrup. This coats the bubbles and makes them stronger:)
Have fun!!!!
Did you know you can cut a 2-litter bottle or water bottle in 1/2 and it makes for a PERFECT  and free bubble blower?!? They make some of the biggest bubbles too:)
flyswatters are fun for making tiny bubbles and for using as bubble swatters too:)
The bigger the bubble wand, the better:)!!!!
 And, of course everyone gets to take home their very own bottle of bubbles!;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Oh the Places You'll Go!

Every year I take a picture of each kiddo in their graduation hat with me and I give them to the parents on a CD filled with pictures from that year. This year, I decided to make a little frame to put the picture in;)
I used the theme of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" I plan to print the frames out on card stock. I'm also going to cut out the hole to put the picture in. Then, I will tape the picture in (4x6 should fit nicely), laminate them and slap a magnet on the back!! Hopefully it will make for a cute little graduation gift!
There is a pink and a blue version of each frame. I also made 2 different versions. One says "Kindergarten Graduation 2011" and the other says "Kindergarten Class of 2011" Click on the image below to get your copy of these frames:) If you use them, I just ask that you leave a comment and follow my blog:) THANKS!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer homework calendars for Kindergarten

Here are some homework calendars that I made for my Kinders to continue to review their skill over the summer!! I thought some of you might like them:) Let me know what you think. Is there anything you would have added??
Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!!!
click on the picture below to get a copy of the June and July calendars

Sunday, May 8, 2011


FINALLY getting around to posting the rest of our bug unit!!! (I posted previously about our pollination science experiment:) The end of the year CRAZINESS has set in already!;0
First, here are the literacy centers that we worked on that week:
If you have checked out my free dinosaur Literacy center from TPT, this one is the same idea. There are tiny words written on the bugs, so the kiddos have to be "entomologists" and examine the bugs with magnifying glasses to figure out what the word is. Then, they have to record their findings on the response sheet under real words or nonsense words. I found these ADORABLE bug magnifying glasses in the dollar bins at Target!!!!!! I will be posting this center for sale in my TPT store in the next day or so:)
This is another center that I made for the kiddos. They have three work mats with 3 different words on them. One says "ladybug", one says "dragonfly" and one says "caterpillar". They have to use the letters in these words to make smaller words.
This is the 3rd literacy center we worked on this week. It was a sight word scramble. The students look at the letters on the caterpillar's head and use the letter tiles(his body segments) to build the sight word.
You can purchase this center in my TPT store. Click on the picture below to view this product.
I bought Deanna Jump's Insect unit at TPT. If you haven't checked it out yet, you MUST!!!! It is my favorite thing that I have ever bought from TPT and I have gotten some AMAZING stuff!!! This unit is just SoOoOo much fun!!!! Here are some of the things that we did:
The 1st day of this unit, we learned about insects in general and wrote about things that we learned. I forgot to take pictures of this:(
The second day we learned all about dragonflies. Here is the chart we made:
and here is an example of the writing that we did. (This book has a super cute cover for your little entomologists-it's in Deanna's unit)
Here are the adorable Deanna Jump dragonflies that we made:) I used wax paper for his wings because I didn't have any vellum. Well, his wings were just too, I just taped a white pipe cleaner across the top to make his wings stand out:)

Since dragonflies have very large compound eyes, we really talked a lot about them this day. This AWESOME little experiment is in Deanna's unit as well! It takes no time at all...but the kids LOVED it (and so did I!!) You just need to buy some of these little "bug viewers". You can get them in the party supply section anywhere.
After they looked at a friend and saw them as a bug would see them, they drew a picture of what they saw on a response sheet! Tooooo cute!!!!

The next day we learned all about bees!!! Take a look at my pollination lesson if you haven't yet!!! It's sooo fun!!
Here is the bee chart we made:
and here's a sample of our writing:
The next day we learned all about butterflies! Here is our chart:
Here is a sample of our writing:
I have done this cute little life cycle activity for years. I made this little sheet...but I can't seem to find the file:( When I find it, I'll make it a free download! To do this activity you will need a little white bean, bowtie noodles, shell pasta, and some kind of curly pasta;)
We also ordered caterpillars as many of you do. I have NEVER had this happen before...but this year when we got our package, it was pretty mangled. When I opened it, I found the containers looking like this!!!!! There were little pieces of plastic and little caterpillars all over the inside of the box!!! Luckily there were only 2 casualties, if you can believe that!!!;)
On the last day, we reviewed what we had learned about bugs and built a bug using food...another fun Deanna Jump activity:) The bugs had to have all of the buggy body parts that an insect has:) There is also a cute little response page where a friend checks to see if their insect has all of the correct parts.

Last, but not least, I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's day!!!! Here are my 2 little pumpkins:)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We have a winner!!! very 1st winner for my very 1st  giveaway is.....#18!!
That's Jessica!!!

Congratulations, Jessica!!! Please contact me with the shirt size and color you want and your mailing address:)
Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest!!! I can't wait to do another one when I get to 100 followers!!!!:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giveaway Reminder!!

I just wanted to remind everyone that you still have a chance to win my 1st giveaway!!!! It doesn't end until tomorrow (5/5) at 10:00 pm. I am giving away a shirt with this design on it from Things by Joyce. You pick the color and shirt size. You can also pick the grade level!!!;)
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