Saturday, April 30, 2011

REVISED: Mother's Day Cookbook

REVISED!!! When I took a 2nd look at this page...I notice that it said "perfer" instead or prefer!!!! OOOPS! And no one told me!?! LOL!!! I fixed it !!! download it again!!!
I've been reading a lot about mother's day cookbooks! This will be my 7th year doing a cookbook and the Moms LOVE♥ it!! We ask the Moms to send in their favorite recipe a couple weeks in advance and we also have the kiddos tell us how to make their favorite recipe! So, it's not only CUTE, but its also functional! They can read the cute kinder recipes and try out the real recipes for dinner:)
I decided to add this page to my cookbooks this year! It will be the first page. I will have each kiddo color ans sign it and I will glue a picture of their head in the little chef:)  It's here for you to download for free:) Just click on the picture.

Pollination Science Lesson

We have been working on our insect unit this week. One day we learned all about bees and how they make honey and drink nectar from flowers to make honey. So, of course we also talked about how when the bee is sitting on the flower, pollen gets stuck to his legs. When he flies to another flower the pollen on his legs fall off on that flower and that's how seeds are made.
So, this is what we did:
We made a flower and put pollen in it! Cut down a paper bag to about 1/2 it size. Glue a flower on the front. Put Cheetos in the bag!;)
Give each kiddo a bee finger puppet and let them fly over to the flower and grab some Cheetos! (Remind them NOT to lick or wipe their fingers off!)
Give your kids some time to snack on their Cheetos:) Keep reminding them NOT to lick their fingers!! Wait until everyone has gathered LOTS of pollen on their legs (Cheeto dust on their fingers:)
Then, let them fly to a friend's flower and land on it. They can see how some pollen is left behind on the flower!!!
You have successfully pollinated a flower!!!
Here is what we learned:

My First Giveaway!!!!

I decided that I would have a giveaway when I reached 50 followers....I have surpassed that goal! Yay!!!! THANK YOU!!!! So, it's time for my 1st giveaway!!

Isn't this the cutest little T-Shirt design that you've ever seen!? My mother-in-law whipped it up for me! (I'm trying to get her to create an Etsy store! She is AMAZING!!)
If you win, you can pick any color/size T-Shirt! Also, let me know what grade level you teach and we can fix it up to say 1st Grade Rocks, etc.
You have 5 chances to win!!! It's Easy!!!
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This giveaway will end on Thursday, May 5th at 10:00 PM. Good Luck!
Can't wait to see who wins!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My New Blog Button!!

I did it!!!! I made and installed my blog button!!! I was bound and determined to figure this only took me a couple of hours:) LOL!! I would ♥LOVE♥ for you to grab and share it on your blog;) Now I'm off to go grab some buttons from others:)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sound Munchers!

Is anyone else out there totally obsessed with Target??? I was looking in the dollar bins the other day and found these precious little trash cans!!! (although they were in the more pricey $2 bins:) So, I snatched them up. My plan is to stick a velcro dot on the front of them. I'm also going to stick a velcro dot on some different colored tiles that I've had laying around and write sounds/word chunks on those to stick on the trashcans. They will then munch the words that have that sound in them:)  I know lots of you already have sound munchers, but for $2, the kids ALWAYS love new stuff...even if it is an old idea:)
 Click on the image above to get a couple versions of response sheets for these sound munchers!

I also LOVE Babbling Abby's Monster Munchers that she found at the dollar tree!!! But I was never able to find any. I have also seen some monster Munchers at F is for First Grade that were super, I've always kept that in the back of my mind.  THEN I stumbled across these at Target!!! They were in the greeting card/wrapping paper section.  They are actually sticker light switch covers!!! You get 3 monster mats (which are tagboard) and a bunch of stickers to design your own monsters! Well, I grabbed them up for like$3!! Then I went to Michael's and got 3 of these pencil boxes from their dollar bins. I E6000ed (best glue ever) the monsters to the pencil boxes and put a coat of ModPodge over them. Then I cut holes in the tops of the boxes to put the cards that they are munching:) They also turned out pretty cute!! I plan to put a velcro dot on their noses:)

I am planning to use Babbling Abby's Monster Munch response sheet for these guys!;) Thanks, Abby!!
Click on the picture above to get to Abby's Monster Munch response sheet!

End of the Year Slide-show Playlist

It's that time of year again....time to start working on the dreaded "End of the year slide-show"!! I actually LOVE putting it just takes a VERY long time!;)
So, here is the play list that I put together for this year. I always start it with a song called "Kindergarten Rock" by Joe Guida! The kids LOVE it:)
Some songs to put through the middle are:
1. You've Got a Friend in me (From Toy Story)
2.  Let them be Little (Billy Dean)  ♥, ♥, ♥ this song!!!
3.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel K.)
4.  Don't Blink (Kenny Chesney)
5.  Forever Young (Rod Stewart)
And the song I always in with is "My Wish" by Rascal Flats ♥ this song too!!!! It's so perfect for the slideshow because it is my wish for them..."My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to!" Every time I watch the movie and this song comes on, the tears start flowin'!!
You can view/hear samples of these songs if you scroll down to the bottom of my blog!!!
Do you have any other song suggestions???? Leave a comment and let me know! I would love to hear your ideas!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Letter Grabbers!!

You have got to get to Target!! Go straight to the Easter section and grab up some of these letter grabbers...o.k., they're actually egg grabbers:) I bought them for my boys for Easter for $3 and thought they were SoOoOo cute!! So, I got to thinkin' about what I else I could use them for!

I decided they would make great letter grabbers! I got a plastic tub and filled it with water bottle letter tiles. (Just have people save their old water bottle lids for you. Write a letter on each one with a sharpe and you have letter tiles!:) So, all the kiddos have to do is stick their "letter grabber" in the tub, scoop up some letters and pull the trigger to close the mouth of the grabber. Release the trigger to open your grabbers mouth and spread you letters out to see what words you can make with the letters you grabbed!

Here's a response sheet to go with this center:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Earth Day Activities

Here are a few more activities that we did for Earth Day!
We made these Earths from DTLK! They turned out so cool!!!! And it was so easy!! Just a coffee filter and the kids color it with blue and green markers. Then you give it a few squirts from a spray bottle and there you have it!!!
Here is the Earth chart that we made....
and a couple pics of our Earth writing.
And our Literacy centers for the week were:
Recycle the e

The kiddos had to look at the picture and decide if it had a "bossy e" (long vowel sound) or no e (short vowel sound) If it was a short vowel sound, they put the e in the recycling can:)
You can get this center in my TPT store. ***I'm revising this center. Hopefully it will be back up shortly!***
This center has our sight words on each "Earth Day" picture. They had to put the sight words in ABC order and record them on their response sheet.
And, this last one was a rhyming oddity center. They have 3 pictures and they have to decide which 2 pictures rhyme. They place the 2 that rhyme in the flower pot and record them on their response sheet.

Soda Box Easter Baskets

At my last Sprouting Stems class, my friend, Rozann Seela from Sella Science brought a HUGE box full of these soda carriers.

She said someone gave them to her, but she couldn't use them for anything. So, she brought them to our class because she thought someone could use them for something! Can you believe that I was the only taker!?!? No one else wanted I took the WHOLE box!!!
They make the cutest and sturdiest little Easter baskets!!
 ♥ the little cotton tails in the back:)
Thanks, Rozann!!!

Sight Word Pack Giveaway!!

Made for 1st grade is having a huge sight word pack giveaway!!!  This packet looks AMAZING!!!! I hope I win....but if I don't, I hope you do:)  Good Luck!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Earth Day Experiment

I am officially a STEM teacher:) I am one of a few LUCKY teachers who gets to participate in a Sprouting STEMS grant where we get training in teaching Math and Science. AND we get LOTS of free Math and Science materials and free college credit hours!! Can't beat that!!!

Through some of the activities that we did during our STEM classes, I was inspired to do this Earth Day experiment with my class!!!

First, I divided my kiddos into groups of 2 and sent them to their "landfills".
We discovered that our landfill was filled with tires!!!! (Cherios:)
I gave each group a marker and they started crushing the tires.

This part was soooo much fun!!
We successfully reduced the amount of waste in our landfills!!!
The red line shows where the tires used to reach.
Now It's time to recycle!! We added some water and plaster to our shredded tires and mixed it all up!
The last step was to make a road from our tire mixture.
Here we are building our roads!! We set our roads out and let them harden:)
I made a response sheet for the kiddos to fill out during the lesson.  Click on the image below to download it from google docs.

Here is what we learned!! I'm so proud of them:)
("The Cherios are tires."  "We made them littler."  "We made our tires into a road.")
("The Cheerios are tires."  "We made our tires smaller."  "We used our Cheerios to make a road.")
("The Cheerios are tires."  "We smooshed them."  "We recycled tires.")Who says Kinders are too little for these kinds of experiments?! They had a blast and learned so much!!!

HaPpY EaRtH dAy!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Free Easter Literacy Center!

Hello Everyone!!
Thank you all for taking the time to take a peek at my blog!! AND thanks so much to Mrs. Wills over at for giving me some blog traffic:)!!!! I wanted to do something to say thank you to EVERYONE who has checked out my blog, left a nice comment AND for all of my new followers:)
So, here's a little present:) It's a Easter Literacy Center! Your students will look at the pictures on the cookies, sort them into the correct jars, and record their answers on the response sheet. You can have your kinders sound out the word and do their own invented spellings, or glue the  provided labels to the backs. My plan to organize this center is to bind the four digraphs into a flip book for each kiddo at the center. Print out a whole set of cookies for each kiddo at the center, cut them out and glue each set on a different color construction paper to help them keep track of which set is theirs.
Click on the picture below to download this center from google docs!!

Here is a cute little story I found to help teach these digraphs. It's a story about "The H Brothers" and the sounds that they make:) It also has cute little clipart with it. I enlarged the heads and glued them on craft sticks. The kids love them and it helps them remember the sounds:)
HaPpY EaStEr!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Baseball Unit and literacy centers

Last week we had so much fun with our baseball unit!!! I LoVe baseball! And it's easy to tranfer my love of the sport to my little Kinders;) If I love, then they love it!!  I should also tell you that we live in Illinois. When you say "Illinois" what's the 1st thing that comes to mind???? Chicago, right? Well, we live about 5 hours away from Chicago. We are actually considered Metro St. Louis. We live about 30 minutes from MOST people around here are CARDINAL fans!!! Cubs=BOO, HISS!!!!! (This is the perfect age to brainwash them:)
My MOST favorite part of this unit was making our Albert Pujols pics!!!
Here he is:

Isn't he awesome!!LOL! If you love him as much as I do, leave me a comment with your email and I would be happy to send you the instructions. I'm thinking it should really work for any ball player-just change the hat/jersey colors and skin tone, if needed.

We also made these really simple baseballs. I gave each kiddo a circle to cut out. Then, we drew the seams on with glue and sprinkled red glitter on them! Takes no time at all and they're super cute!

Here's a pic of our hallway!
We made a is/has/can chart. I got this idea from Deanna Jump's blog! I'm sure if you're looking at my link, you probably already follow her-since she has about 1,000 followers:) But, here's her link--just in case:) She's AMAZING!!!!
Here is some of our writing that we did after we made our poster. Kiddos had to draw and label a pic of Albert. Then, they had to write 3 things about him.
This kiddo took her ideas from the chart....
This kiddo decided to go with totally different ideas:) I ♥ Kinder writing!!;)
Here are a couple of other fun activities that we did:
We cut out bats and the kiddos went around and asked for all of their friends' autographs:)
This is a sequencing activity for "Take Me Out to The Ballgame". We always stick the pics on a paper plate. They use the ballplayer on the string to move around the plate to tell the story. On the back of the plate, we glue the lyrics to the song. I found this activity in a Mailbox Teacher's Helper magazine. Not sure what year it's from?
Here are some simple pennants you can make. It's just a large triangle with a 1 inch strip down the side and decorated with some little clipart.
Last but not least, you have to have Cracker Jacks!!! When we sing the song, I always ask the class what Cracker Jacks are and I'm always amazed that NO ONE knows!!! If you have a rainy Friday, like we did and you can't go out to play wiffle ball, a GREAT little movie to watch while they eat their Cracker Jacks is called Everyone's Hero!! You can usually find this cute baseball movie at Walmart if you search in their huge $5 "Dump bin"...I think that's what they called it:)

And of course, we had to graph our Fav team!! (I still have 3 kiddos to work on:)

These pics show the backs of our jerseys and the hats that we made:)
Here are our Lit centers:
This is not the greatest pic, but you can find this literacy center game at: 
I bound the gloves together and glued the baseballs on clothespins. (Use E6000)!! Best glue EVER!)
Click on the image above to get a copy of the response sheet I made for this center from google docs. Write a word under the correct family and color smile if it's a real word and frown if it's silly word.
This one's called "baseball change-ups" they have to build the word that's on the baseball. Then make a new word by changing one letter. In the picture above they are changing "net" to "vet". You can get this center at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. ***I am revising this center! Hopefully, it will be up again soon:)***
And here is the last center that we did. It is a sentence building center. The kiddos had to spin each spinner on the board. They then put it all together to make a sentence. The recorded the sentence in their response book and illustrated it.
Wow!! Sorry, this has gotten to be a really LONG post!!! But, like I said, this is one of my FAV units and I wanted to share all of my ideas with you:) Hope you found some stuff you can use!;) Have Fun!
GO CARDS!!!!!!!
P.S. It just so happens that there is a double giveaway at KindergartenWorks!! AND one of the items is a BASEBALL themed site word game from Mrs. Wills!!! Click on the "Doublegiveaway" button above to check it out!!!