Thursday, March 31, 2011

Read Across America & Dr. Seuss

Welp, I'm on Spring Break right at the moment and just got back from a 4 day trip from Puerto Vallarta last night....back to reality!! I figured I had better get on the computer now and update everything while my babes are in bed:)
Last week our school celebrated Read Across America...I know, it's a little late. But, we decided to push it back this year due to our scheduled ISAT testing. So, here are my literacy centers for the week:
This was a super fun center from Kathleen Pedersen's Dr. Seuss packet at TPT! In this center, the kids use a pencil and a paper clip as a spinner. They spin to see which word they write and then they spin to see what they will write the word with. I slightly modified this center to use words that my kiddos were working on that week.

This is also a center from Kathleen's Dr. Seuss packet! In this center the students roll the dice to make words. They then record it on their response sheet according to whether it's a "Dr. Seuss word" or a real word:) Kathleen's center comes with dice to print out and make, but I just used these foam cubes. I have TONS of them. Target has these cubes in their back to school dollar bins and I use them for all kind of things!!! Then, I made up these little work mats to help the kiddos put their words together. Using the works mats helps some of my more struggling students remember that the blue block always stays in the middle:) Here is a google doc link to the mat that I made to go along with this center, if you're interested:) Let me know if this link doesn't work:
The last center that we did was a grammar center where they had to sort singular and plural words. Their sorting mats had fox on the singular mat and socks on the plural mat. After all of their cards had been sorted, they recorded their findings on their response sheet. I created this center and you can check it out at my TPT store:)

Here are a couple of other fun activities that we did:
Of course, we made green eggs and ham!!! I like to let the kiddos make them! Then they can see that nothing fishy went into making them:) They kind of realize that they really are just eggs and it seems like more of them are willing to try them that way:)
 Of course we have to graph our findings:) As you can see, most of them LoVeD them!!
I also made these little chocolate green eggs!!!! I told them it was their dessert! How stinkin' cute is this?!?! I found the idea at this blog:
All you need is candy melts, green M&Ms, wax paper, a template, and a squeeze bottle. Check out her description on how to make them!! It was really VERY easy!!
These are the candy melts I used...It was called "Candi Quik" I found it at Target. (The squeeze bottle I found at Michael's)
One last thing...and I'm SUPER excited about these cute little creations that I came up with:) They are hand print Thing 1 and Thing 2's!

It's very simple! Just paint the child's palm white and fingers blue. Then stamp that hand on construction paper. (I chose yellow so that the white face would stand out) Then I painted the other hand red. Paint the entire hand red, except for the child's middle finger. when you stamp that hand, make sure to place the red palm directly under the white one that was already stamped on the paper. Tell the child to put their 3 middle fingers together (It helps if you hold them together) and their thumb and pinky should be spread away from the other fingers. Set aside to dry. When that is dry, just paint a white oval in the middle of the red print. Set aside to dry. Last, you will draw on his face and the writing on his shirt with a black sharpy. Wallah!!! You have THINGS!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Dinosaur Literacy Center :)

I went ahead and posted my word family dinosaur bone literacy center for free on TPT! If you're interested, you can click on the picture below and it will take you to my free download! (Don't forget, you need magnifying glasses for this center.) Enjoy!!!!;)

P.S. If you download my product, I would LOVE some feedback on TPT!!:) Thanks♥

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Those Tricky Leprechauns!

Here are my Literacy Centers for St. Patrick's Day week!
This is a sentence building center that I came up with. LOVED this one! It worked out really well and the kids had a lot of fun with it! They were given a "Secret Code" (a row of pictures) and they used that code to build a sentence!
You can see the "code" up at the top of their response sheet:) They use this code to build the sentence. All of the hats are articles, all of the pots are adjectives, the rainbows are nouns and the shamrocks are verbs. The students build the sentence, write the sentence using correct punctuation on their response sheet, and then illustrate a picture of the sentence that they built. You can find this center at my TPT store! Click on the picture below to check out this product!

This next site word literacy center was was lots of fun!! On each work mat, the leprechaun made the site word appear completely backwards!! The students had to use a mirror and look at the image inside of the mirror to see the word correctly. They then had to write the word correctly on their response sheet. They got to use colored pencils to write the words on their response sheet to match the letters on their work mats. (so, they were writing "rainbow words")
You can also find this center at my TPT store! Just click on the image below!!
Another center that we did this week was one of Kathleen Pedersen's lift the flap centers.  In this center, the students had to identify beginning diagraphs: wh, sh, th, ch.  This was a great center! When I made my centers, I printed out a set for each child at my center and I used file folders instead of poster board so that each child would have a small, manageable game at their spot. I also made a slight modification for my kiddos. I knew that a lot of my kiddos would have a hard time sounding these words out and writing them on their own. So, I glued labels under each flap. For example, if the picture was a thirty, I glued a label under the flap that said ____irty. That way, they would still have to know what blend the word started with, and would have to fill that part in, but they would easily be able to write the rest of the word.

Well, of course we had a leprechaun break into our classroom the night before St. Patty's day and destroy our room!!! He lost his shoes in our room and left little green footprints everywhere!
He left us some magic powder and asked us to look for his shoes!! We added milk to our powder to make a tasty treat!!! (pistachio pudding:)
We found his shoes and left them in the window for him! (these were some of my old Cabbage Patch doll shoes that I spray painted black. Then, I sprayed them with spray glue and sprinkled green glitter all over them:)
The Leprechaun snuck back into our classroom while we were at lunch and left each kiddo a little treat!! Everyone got their very own "pot of gold"! I don't remember where I found this idea:( All it is, is a black cupcake liner filled with rollos. I put them in clear plastic bags and tied them off with a rainbow ribbon:)
Oh! And here are our leprechaun hats!I think the glitter makes them look a little fancier!!
To attach the shamrock, twist a pipecleaner around your finger. Push one end through the hat and tape the end. Then, tape the shamrock to the other end of the pipecleaner. Now you have a bouncing, fun little shamrock "do-dad":)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
 OoOops! I forgot to post this, I'm editing my post and going back to put it in:) These are pepper prints! You just buy green peppers at the grocery store and cut them in half and carefully get the seeds out. Then, the kids dip them in green paint and use them as stamps. Just kind of a neat activity:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last week we learned all about frogs with our frog unit!  Again, I'm very pleased with how my literacy centers went!:) The kids are having so much fun and learning so much from them too!:)
One center that the kids were working on last week was this rhyming oddity center. The kiddos were given sets of five cards. They had to look at the pictures on each card, say the names and figure out the 3 that rhymed and place them on their work mat. When they found the three that rhymed, they flipped the cards over and copied the words on their response sheet.
Another literacy center that we did was working with blends. The students were given a flipbook with the blends: sn, cl, gl, fr. They had to go through their picture cards and sort the cards according to what blends they began with. They then wrote the words on their response sheets under the correct blend.
The last center that we did was a Making Words center. The students were given 3 words: lilypads, bullfrog and tadpoles. Their job was to use the letters in each word to find and build new words. Each time they found and built a new word, they would record it on their sheet.
We have been practicing making words! We made words out of the word "amphibian" as a class:
Here are all the words we found:
We wrote some froggy stories:
This fun froggy paper buddy can be found at:
We read lots of froggy fact books and made a "Frogs Are" chart.
After we made our chart, we did a step by step frog drawing!! These always turn out sooooo cute, because even though everyone follows the exact same directions, they all turn out so different!:) Under our froggy drawing, we wrote some froggy facts that we learned this week. These pages will be bound into a class book.

One last activity that we did was comparing the differences between frogs and toads and charting those differences. Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of the chart. OoOoPs!!! Sorry, in case you couldn't tell, I'm a very visual person:) I like pictures:)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dinosaur Literacy Centers!

My Literacy Centers ran pretty smoothly again this week! It was dinosaur week this week! Always a favorite among Kinders:) Here are the literacy centers that I made to go with this unit:
 In this center students sorted short vowel sounds a, i and o. They had to sound the word out and write the word on the response sheet. I have posted this center in my teacherspayteachers store:
This center was SO fun! The kids LOVED it! I'm hoping to get it posted on TPT soon:) Each student got a set of dinosaur bones. The bones had a tiny word family words printed on them. They had to be paleontologists and examine the bones using magnifying glasses to discover what the word was. They then recorded their findings on the response sheet under the appropriate word family.
The 3rd center was a sight word center. The students had to put the dinosaurs' feet on to make a word. (The 1st letter in each word is underlined to help get them started:) They then recorded the word on their sheet under 2 letter words, 3 letters or 4.
I set up a writing center as one of the "can do" choices that they could do when they were finished with their must dos.  They had stamps, stencils and there were lots of labeled dino pictures posted. I always love reading what they write:)

A Few Fun Rainbow Activities

We did a few fun experiments during rainbow week.
For one of the experiments, I filled a glass bowl 1/2 full of water. Then I put a mirror in the bowl. I then used a flashlight to shine into the bowl creating a rainbow:) It's a little tricky at first. You have to play around with the angle of the mirror. (Once I found the right angle, I attached the mirror to the bowl with a piece of sticky tack:)
Here is a picture of this experiment. The kids loved when I moved the flashlight and made the rainbow disappear and reappear! This reinforced what the concept of prisms and how when the prism bends the light, the colors can be seen.
Another fun experiment that we did was with food coloring, milk and dish soap. We put 2 cups of milk in a bowl. Then we put 1 drop of red food coloring in, 1 drop of blue and 1 drop of yellow. Next, we put a few drops of dish soap in and watched as the colors moved and mixed together.

When the food coloring is dropped into the milk, it just sits right where you put it:)
As soon as the dish soap is put in, the colors move and start to mix!!
After we put out soap in, it was time for specials...but when we came back, this is what we found!!! We saw lot of new colors: purple, green, orange, pink and even brown!!!!

Here is a google doc link to this response sheet that I made:) (Hope it's my 1st time:)
We also did another color mixing activity that goes along with the story Mouse Paint by Ellen Stohl Walsh. In this activity we mixed colors(food color and water) together to make new colors.
More detailed instructions and this Mouse Paint color mixing sheet are available for FREE download at my teacherspayteachers store: