Sunday, October 30, 2011

The 50th Day of Kindergarten!!!!!

We had our 50th day of Kindergarten last week!!!! Gosh, Golly Gee!!! I can't believe we made it to 50!!!;)
So, I'm going to share some of the things that I did with my Kinders to celebrate the 50th day! It was so much fun!!!!! Let me just say that none of these activities are my original ideas!!!! I just took lots of ideas from everyone else and made them my own;) I'll post all of the links that the original ideas came from:)
I of course originally found this idea from the ALWAYS fabulous Deanna Jump!!!! Here's her post about the 50th day! She has a little FREE 50th day pack in her TPT store!! Click here to check it out! Please be sure to leave her some positive feedback because I just know you're going to ♥ this darling little pack!;)
We always start our day off with a "good morning page" that the kiddos work on while we do lunch/attendance, etc. So, here's a little patterning sheet that I made for their morning work:) Click on the picture to get your free copy:)
Next we talked about the 50s and we sorted pictures of then and now:) This adorable little activity came from Eberhart's Explorers!! Click here to visit her blog and grab this adorable download!! Your kinders will love it!!;)
Then, for snack time, we did this SUPER fun activity from Kim Adsit's Christopher Columbus pack!!! When I saw it in the pack, I immediately knew I was going to save it for the 50th day!;) Although, it's perfect for Columbus Day too:)
So, anyway-for snack time-we had Coke floats!!! Kim's idea is so fun and adorable!!! Have your kiddos predict whether the icecream will sink or float!;) Here's part of the graph from Kim's pack:
Sadly, I didn't get a pic of the finished sink/float graph:( She has all the graphics for you to use to make the directions so the kids can see how to make the Coke Floats and it turned out SUPER cute!!! I'll try to post a pic of the finished product so you can see how cute it is:)
I also made this little response sheet. You can download it by clicking on the picture below:

Mmmmmm! Coke Floats!

We had a bubble blowing contest like Deanna suggested in her 50th day pack!!! It was sooooo much fun! The kids LOVED it and were so excited about the bubbles! I'm not supposed to show shots of my kinders' faces:( So, I can't show you their bubble pics...but here's one of Mrs. Jahnke--She helped out in our class that day!;)
After our bubble blowing contest, we made these ADORABLE bubble blowing kids!!!! I stole this idea from Mrs. Lee!!!! Isn't it so cute!?! AND we just happened to be learning the color word PINK this week!!! Does it get any more perfect than that?!? Here's the link to Mrs. Lee's post!
They made their picture like this if they could blow a bubble:
And, they made it like this if they couldn't blow a bubble:
Here's our graph to show who could and who couldn't:

After our then and now sort, the kids were REALLY curious about records:) So, we talked about them and I showed them a REAL record (A GIANT CD-as the kids called it:)
We made these records (Deanna Jump idea:)

And, I loved this idea from The Alphabet Garden!!! AND I just happened to have the same Juke Box that she used!!!!;) Yay!! So, all the kiddos got their picture taken in front of it with a real record!
We also had a sock hop and learned the Mashed Potato, The Twist and The Hand Jive!!!!
Here they are doing the hand jive:

Here's one thing that I made-but we didn't have time for it:( This was also NOT my idea:) I saw the idea on Growing Kinders and whipped one up to use! I think the kiddos would have lots of fun playing this race to 50 game!!...maybe next year:) Click on the pic to get your copy:)
Look at my twin!!;) We were both Pink Ladies:) So Fun!
If you grabbed anything you liked, please leave me a comment!;) I ♥ hearing from you:)!!!!


  1. Really cute ideas! I can't wait for the 50th day.

  2. I will be using these on our 50th day!! Thanks! I gave you the blog on Fire Award!!

    Really Roper

  3. Thanks for the great things for the 50th day. I am also giving you the Blog on Fire Award!! Please visit my blog to grab it!

  4. Thanks so much for the wonderful 50's ideas! We will be celebrating on Friday! Can't wait to use your items!

  5. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I want to celebrate the 50th day this year for the first time. Ours will be Nov. 14.
    Pam@Kindergarten Night Owls

  6. 50th day is still a ways away for us! (especially since school was cancelled today due to the snow storm) but I love the ideas! Thanks so so much!

  7. Looks like a fun way to celebrate the 50th day! You may not have thought of all of the ideas (not that you don't have enough great ones of your own:), but you are a wonderful teacher because you put the time and energy into making your class fun while learning at the same time!

  8. Our 50th day is Thursday. I planned my week out yesterday and have almost all the same activities planned that you did for this week!! Thanks for sharing your photos and hoping my day looks as fun as yours!!

  9. This looks like it was fantastic (3 claps) and your kids look like they loved every second of it. I love special activity days. It's was the kids remember the best!

  10. Our 50th day won't happen until mid-November because of a fall break. I am gathering ideas for this first ever event in my classroom. Your post really inspired me and you are absolutely right, Deanna's unit is well worth the price!

  11. Thank you for sharing your great 50th day ideas....they will be a great addition to our day next week.

  12. thanks for the great ideas! our 50th day is Monday and I can't wait to use some of these to give my kids even more fun things to do!

  13. Your class looked so cute! Thank you for sharing. I will be using some of your ideas on our 50th day.

  14. Cute, cute, cute! We just finished our 50th day on Halloween. Some ideas I made up was rock around the clock kids cut out black circles & we added precut paper plate centers to the middle. Kids cut out the numbers 1-12 & put them in order with arrows & a brad we had an awesome clock to dance with Elvis! I also took each kids photo cut it out & put it on a record with their name & date, gave each a heart to cut out where we wrote what our favorite thing about our 50's day was, it's a great keep sake. Love your blog!

  15. We celebrate our 50 th day next week - excited to use some of your ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing - love the coke floats and blowing bubbles

  16. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!!! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  17. Soooo excited about this post! Thanks so much! Our 50th day is Tuesday and I can't wait to use these ideas!!!
    Growing Firsties will be having a Pete the Cat Giveaway soon!!