Monday, August 4, 2014

Chaaaa-Ching!!! Here's what I got!!

Whoooohoooo!!!! It's a sale!!!! And I'm linking up with my friends over at Blog Hoppin' for our "Show us What You Bought" Linky Party!! Hop on over and see what everyone is purchasing!!!

Everybody LOVES a good Back to School sale!!!! And, as you can see from the graphics below, I went a little CRAZY shopping today! Whoooops! ;) Sooooooo excited though!!!

Here's what I got:

I'm getting FIVE new iPads this year, so I just could NOT wait to get my hands on
Whaaaaat?!? 20 super fun Science Experirements in one pack?!?! Yes, please!! Check out:
AND, I discovered this last year and still needed the August/September Edition! Obsessed with:

Ooooooh my Goodness!!!! HAD to stock up on all of my favorite clipartist's stuff!!! I got a little something from everyone! :) 

If you're still shopping, you might want to check out some of these packs to help get your year off to a great start!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christmas in JULY!?!?

Hey Everyone!!! If you haven't heard, it's Christmas in July!!! My friends and I over at Blog Hoppin' are throwing a sale!!! But, you have to be on your toes to catch these great deals! There are different sales each day!!!

Here's what my store sales are going to look like for the next 2 weeks:

For the first 3 days of my sale, I am giving you 20% off of my Kindergarten, Preschool or First Grade Portfolios!!! And, Kindergarten teachers!!! You're in luck!!! I just gave the Kinder Portfolio a facelift!!! Whoooohoooo!!! Same concepts....more cuteness!!!!! :)

From the 18th through the 20th, my Surveys Through the Year pack will be on sale!!! This is one of my FAVORITES!!!! You and your kiddos will absolutely LOVE it!!!

For the 20th through the 23rd, ALL of my clipcharts will be on sale!!! These are all so stinkin' cute!!!!

And, for the 24th-26th ALL of my alphabet lines will be on sale!!!! (click on any of the pictures of titles to find them)

Jungle Alphabet Line (Sorry, No preview)
Pirate Alphabet line (Darn, no preview for that one either)

Happy Shopping!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Incredible, Amazing, Mind Blowing, Exhausting=Vegas

Vegas!!!!! I. Can't. Even.  Seriously, I can't even put into words how amazing my experience was this year!!! I went last year, and although it was fabulous....this year just blows it right out of the water!!
I met SOOOO many fabulous teachers and strengthened so many friendships and learned so much from the best of the best!! The internet really is an amazing thing!!! There are soooo many people in my life that I have close friendships with that without the technology that we have today-we would NEVER have met. We share collaborative blogs and FB groups and I am a better teacher and person because of them....because of the internet.  It's still hard to entirely wrap my brain around it all.  Let me just show you what I mean.....

First, I met Deedee and her teaching partner, Kali at the St. Louis airport!!!! We were on our way!!!!!!!!!

Well, my roommates were not getting in until the NEXT day...but, never fear!!! My SWEET friend, Crystal from Kreative in Kinder, along with Tanya Solano from Mrs. Solano's Kindergarten and Kaci Hoffer from Mrs. Hoffer's Spot-who were all my roommates from last year, took me in for the night!! I LOVE those girls so, sooooo much! Sometimes we get a little loud :) They are just so much fun!!

The next day, my official roommates showed up and I moved all of my junk down to live with them for the week!!

Ok. So, I'm not gonna lie...I was a little nervous to stay with these girls!! I mean, seriously!!! Wouldn't you be?!?!
Yes, they are the AMAZING and TALENTED:

Let me just tell you that they are THE most sweet, funny, down to Earth people EVA!!!!  All it took was a few minutes talking to them (in real life) and I felt like I knew them forever (and not just from the internet :) I seriously LOVE these girls!!!

Just look at all the fun we had!!!
We went out to eat a million times that week!

We had so much fun out on the town!!!

And, we even found time to go on a shopping trip where I spent WAAAAY too much $$!! :)

I am NOT a gambler!!!! I HATE it!!! It's absolutely PAINFUL to me!!! But, one night all I had left in my wallet was ONE DOLLAR!!!! I decided to GO FOR IT!!!!! I put my 1 dollar in the nickle slots and I just kept winning!!!!!! I got up to NINE DOLLARS and I cashed out!!!! LOL!!! It was fun turing my dollar into nine!! :) Just like magic! :)

Thne, there was the great Teacher-Blogger meet up!!!! What a crazy, awesome whirlwind of a night!!!!

I helped set up for the event and passed out EVERY SINGLE last Swag Bag to all of the guests!!! Did I mention there were around 550 bags and I ran out!?!? Wowza!!! There sure were a lot of people!!! (And a lot of Scentos!!!!)

Here are a few pics from the meet up!! Soooo many awesome friends!!! I love the picture of Kim Adsit photo bombing!!!! LOL!!! If you know Kim, you know she's saying BOOOYAAAAH!!!!! ;)

Here are some of my brand new friends that I met at the conferences!!!! Girls that knew me from my blog and were just sooooo gosh darn nice!!! And, my friend Brandy in the bottom corner only lives like 15 minutes away from me!!!! We will definitely have to hang out soon!

One of my most favorite nights in Vegas was when I spent the evening with one of my FAVORITES, Cheryl Saoud and the sweet, sweet Stephanie Stewart from Falling into First!!! Just LOVE her! We had soooo much fun!!! Can you tell???

Then, Friday was the VERY FIRST ever TPT conference!!! Watching the TPT team do the keynotes and the top sellers present was amazing and an experience I will never forget!!!!!

I even got to meet my sweet friend, Nikki from Melonheadz illustrating!!! She has done so many nice things for me!!! It was nice to finally get to meet her in person!!

Let's not forget about HaPpY HoUr.....

Look at all of these talented, amazing, brilliant ladies!!!!! So, so blessed to call them my FRIENDS!!!!!

Ummmm....bottom picture??? LOL!!! snapped when we weren't ready! LOL!! We seriously are NOT right!!!! Ha!!!

And, did I mention, I got to meet Paul Edelman himself?!?!? The founder of TPT!!! The man who changed my life in soooo many ways!!!

Just when I thought my week was complete and it just couldn't get ANY better...this happened!! LOL! Oh, yes, it did!!!!

I spent SIX days in Vegas this year and although they were FABULOUS, they were EXHAUSTING. By the end of all of this, I was ready to come back home to my babies :)

I'm linking up with A Burst of First. Check it out here:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Sale!!

Happy 4th of July, all!!!! 

While your sitting at the lake, around the pool or at the BBQ, why not do a little shopping???

My Whole shop is on sale this weekend! 20% off!!! click on the super cute graphic below to check it out!!   {Super cute graphic from Traci at Dragonflies in First}

Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend with your families!!!!

Hope to see you all in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Evolution of Scentos and Teachers + A Giveaway!!!!!

Remember back in March of 2012 when I found THE most adorable markers EVA in the world?!?! I just happened to stumble across them at Dollar Tree and I bought up all they had!!!! I was obsessed with these fabulous little markers and emailed the company to see where I could find MORE!!!! You can check out my very first post ever about those markers HERE!!!

Here is the email I sent:

Here's the email they sent me back:

Ummmm....yes!!! Those WERE Scentos Markers!!!!! They sent me a box of Scentos goodies, I had a giveaway (You can read about it here) and shared some with some of my bloggy friends:

Yep, that's Deedee in the picture. She then, also did a review on Scentos and so did my friend Kathleen from Growing Kinders. Then, it just kind of spiraled OUT. OF. CONTROL!!!!!! My Scentos posts became viral and teachers EVERYWHERE were wanting those adorable markers of their VERY OWN!!!! :)

I STILL use Scentos EVERY SINGLE day in my classroom!!!! I LOVE them and so do my Kiddos!! Here is a picture of my #Scentosstache (as my friend, Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard would call it!) :)

I had to share this pic with you all!!! I was taking pictures to prepare for this blog post. It was the last day of school (no kids) we were all cleaning out our rooms. I was one of the last ones there and closed my door to take some pics for this post. I was laying on the floor in the middle of my Scentos when my principal flung the door open!!!!! He said "were you just taking a selfie?????" Ha!!!!!!!!! I was slightly embarrassed!!! LOL!!! The things we do for our blogs :)

Last, but not least, is my little Scentos display!!! I LOVE it!!! My husband is a machinist and I told him exactly what I wanted for my Scentos and he whipped this up! These markers were NOT meant to sit in a drawer somewhere!!!!! They are WAAAAAAAY too cute for that!!! :)

Want one of these for your very own???? I'm going to make my husband  ask my husband really nicely to make one for a lucky person!!! :) Yes, he WILL personalize it just for you :)

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Kindergarten Favorites Pictures-A Wonderful Keepsake!!

So, I posted this little picture yesterday on my personal Facebook page and on my Little Warriors Fan page and people just went crazy over it :) So, I thought it deserved it's own post.
I made these cute little "Kindergarten Favorites" pictures to print out and give to each one of my kiddos. But, since I have shared it, I've had MANY people say that they are using it for their end of the year slideshows and as pages in their scrapbooks. Whatever you use them for, parents are sure to LOVE them. They will be one of those things that are treasured forever!

To make these, it's pretty simple. First, you will need a brick wall. Help them pose and take their picture :) Then, you will need to ask your kinders some questions. You can grab my little question sheet by clicking on the image below. OR you can come up with some favorites questions of your own :)

Now, to create :) I made these in PowerPoint. Just insert your picture and drag the edges to make it larger to cover the entire page. Insert a textbox on top of the image. Type your text in.

Here are the Fonts that I used.  Click on the image below to go to Kimberly Geswin's Store and grab her fonts for FREE :)

I got special permission from some of the parents of my students to share their adorable pictures with you-so, that you could see just how cute they turned out!!!!!!!!!! ;)